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We have been honored to serve the families and loved ones of these individuals. By presenting this information we hope to assist those close to these families with planning for their service. If you have questions or comments about any of the information found on this page, please let us know by email or telephone.

We understand it is often difficult to attend funeral services in-person. For this reason, we provide an e-mail condolences service. Please include the name of the family receiving this message in the subject line and we will see to it that they receive your message. Thank you.

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Name Home Date of Death
For future obituaries please visit www.graufuneralhomes.com,   January 01, 2017 
Engelhardt Jr., Roy "Roxie" William Cascade formerly of rural St. Olaf, Iowa  December 29, 2016 
Heuer, Marlene June Elkader, Iowa  December 22, 2016 
Berns, Marilyn Elkader, Iowa  December 09, 2016 
Larson, Margie Nell Elkader, Iowa  December 06, 2016 
Nelson, Yvonne Elkader, Iowa  December 04, 2016 
Larson, Mervin Harold Gunder, Iowa  November 19, 2016 
Walch, Karen Rae Ann (Kammerer) "Ruby" Elkader, Iowa  November 13, 2016 
Spykerman, Sylvia Jean rural Elgin, Iowa  October 31, 2016 
Schuety, Sandra Kay St. Olaf, Iowa  October 31, 2016 
Kruse, Ginger Ann Elkport, Iowa  October 30, 2016 
Hoth, Joann Alice Elkader, Iowa  October 20, 2016 
Possehl, Loraine Elkader, Iowa  October 09, 2016 
Perkins, Gabbi Aaliyah Volga, Iowa  September 13, 2016 
Miehe, Mary Jane Elkader, Iowa  September 04, 2016 
West, Janice Strawberry Point, Iowa  August 30, 2016 
Larson, Carroll Lamar Elkader, Iowa  August 26, 2016 
Wilker, Iva Dean Elkader, Iowa  July 27, 2016 
Klingman, Charles Merlin Volga, Iowa  July 04, 2016 
Zapf, Dorothy J. Littleport, Iowa  June 05, 2016 
Schmelzer, Anthony "Tony" Elkader, Iowa  April 25, 2016 
Berns, Ethelyn Elkader, Iowa  April 18, 2016 
Koresh, John Raymond Elkader, Iowa  April 16, 2016 
Walz, Linda Catherine West Union, Iowa  April 07, 2016 
Rentschler, Randy Curt St. Olaf, Iowa  March 26, 2016 
Nagel, John Joseph Elkader, Iowa  March 10, 2016 
Freitag, Pamela S. Elkader, Iowa  February 23, 2016 
Carson John James, Stocks Garnavillo, Iowa  February 21, 2016 
Keleher, Patrick W. Elkader, Iowa  February 19, 2016 
Hird, Annnette Marie Volga, Iowa  February 16, 2016 
Eberhardt, Louis Elkader, Iowa  February 07, 2016 
Fuhrman, Kathryn A. Kotek Volga, Iowa  February 06, 2016 
McHugh, Bonnie L. Elkader, Iowa  January 29, 2016 
Bankes, Mary O. Elkader, Iowa  January 29, 2016 
Rude, Arlene Harriet Elkader, Iowa  January 17, 2016 
Baumgartner, Wayne E. St. Olaf, Iowa  January 14, 2016 
McCormick, Katherine Marie Elkader, Iowa  January 12, 2016 
Wagner, John St. Olaf, Iowa  January 10, 2016 
Meyers, Ruth M. Elkader, Iowa  December 20, 2015 
Debes, Stanley Clair rural Mederville, Iowa  December 07, 2015 
Engelhardt, Joyce Lynn Elkader, Iowa  December 05, 2015 
Bergan, Marilyn Elkader, Iowa  November 30, 2015 
Krieg, Neal S. Elgin, Iowa  November 22, 2015 
Hubbard, Kenneth Calvin Mederville, Iowa  November 20, 2015 
Farmer, Dorothy Prairie du Chien, WI  November 07, 2015 
Kruse, Irvin LaVern St. Olaf, Iowa  October 31, 2015 
Marmann Jr., Raymond "Bud" J. Elkader, Iowa  October 30, 2015 
Osterhaus, Judson Trace William Elkader, Iowa  October 29, 2015 
Wright, Opal Neoma Strawberry Point, Iowa  October 09, 2015 
Schuety, Jeannette L. Elkader, Iowa  October 05, 2015 
Glawe, Steven Chris Elkader, Iowa  October 04, 2015 
Roach, Michael J Elkader, Iowa  October 03, 2015 
Kruse, Norbert Elkader, Iowa  October 03, 2015 
Nelson, Norma Elkader, Iowa  September , 2015 
Kuehl, George Halvor Clermont, Iowa  August 20, 2015 
Dennler, David Paul Elkader, Iowa  August 19, 2015 
Kuehl McNeal, Geraldean "Gerry" Elkader, Iowa  July 18, 2015 
Reimer, Harlan William Elkader, Iowa  July 15, 2015 
Clark, Margaret C. Elkader, Iowa  June 29, 2015 
Olson, Norma Jean St. Olaf, Iowa  May 28, 2015 
Schultz, Wilbur Glen Elkader, Iowa  May 27, 2015 
Dennler, Jane Roberta Elkader, Iowa  May 22, 2015 
Nesteby, Gerald Elkader, Iowa  May 18, 2015 
(Knoke) Taylor, Helen M. Coon Rapids, MN, formerly of Elkader  May 14, 2015 
Peterman, Mary Elkader, Iowa  May 04, 2015 
Koehn, William Henry "Bill" Elkader, Iowa  April 23, 2015 
Wagner, Elizabeth Elikader, Iowa  April 21, 2015 
Witte, George F. "Bud" Garnavillo, Iowa  April 20, 2015 
Lembke, Roslyn Elkader, Iowa  April 20, 2015 
Engelhardt, Betty Pauline Elkader, Iowa  April 20, 2015 
Lange, Ramona Mae (Holloway) Edgewood, Iowa  April 11, 2015 
Piorkowski, Maria Grabarz Elkader, Iowa  April 11, 2015 
Roys, Corrine Rae Elkader, Iowa  April 09, 2015 
Baade, Zala Pauline (Schultz) Elkader, Iowa  April 01, 2015 
Walch, Mildred G. "Millie" Elkader, Iowa  March 24, 2015 
Matt, Harold "Shorty" Elkader, Iowa  March 21, 2015 
Meyer, Marjorie Ann Janesville, WI formerly of Elkader, IA  February 22, 2015 
Hulbert, Dorothy Helen Bernice Elkader, Iowa  February 19, 2015 
Griffith, Emma Louise Elkader, Iowa  February 16, 2015 
Houg, Donald Nelson St. Olaf, Iowa  January 08, 2015 

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